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Q smoke 5.5: a lifesaver which sends out radio signals

QUNDIS launches the smoke alarm of the future:

The new generation of QUNDIS smoke alarms – Q smoke 5.5 − will be available from the start of 2017. An integrated radio module enables remote monitoring of the status of the device. A further important feature of this smoke alarm is the independent ‘Q’ seal of approval, representing exceptional reliability and safety.

Ready for the future – thanks to innovative technology

Q smoke 5.5 is the product of a cooperation between QUNDIS and the fire protection specialists HEKATRON. The lifesavers are equipped with a fixed ten-year battery and an acoustic signal which is optimised for human hearing. Because the device is self-monitoring, a manual test is only necessary once a year. In future the integrated radio module will enable status checks to be made at any time using the tried-and-tested Q AMR and Q walk-by systems. Customers can then transfer the data simply and conveniently to their own service system.

“Q” for quality − beyond the specifications of the norm

Smoke alarms from QUNDIS enjoy the “Q” seal of quality. For this purpose this new generation of devices was subjected to extensive testing and was found to meet the world’s strictest quality specifications. The “Q” seal of quality adds further criteria to the requirements of the European standard for smoke alarms, thus providing important support for decisions in terms of reliability and safety.

The “Q” seal of quality certifies a long product life, a reduction in false alarms, improved protection against external influences, resistance to dirt and a 10-year battery life. In addition, “Q” certified smoke alarms such as the new Q smoke 5.5 have to meet higher standards of corrosion protection, resistance to climatic influences and electromagnetic compatibility. The platform for the Q smoke 5.5 came out on top in a product test by consumer magazine “Stiftung Warentest” involving 20 other devices.


HEKATRON is a leading specialist in the development, manufacture and sale of fire protection systems. From its base in Sulzburg, southern Baden Württemberg, the company has a major influence on the development of fire protection technology with its innovative products and services, while at the same time assuming social responsibility and contributing towards environmental conservation. In 2015 HEKATRON generated annual turnover of € 153 million and currently has a workforce of around 790.


In Germany QUNDIS GmbH is among the country’s most successful suppliers of devices and  systems for the metering and billing of heat and water consumption.  Its customer base includes metering services, OEM partners and the housing industry.  Innovation is a central component of the QUNDIS corporate philosophy, which was confirmed at Germany’s 2016 SME Summit when the Erfurt company was awarded the TOP 100 Prize as “Innovator of the year”. QUNDIS metering systems are in reliable operation in more than 6 million residential units in over 30 countries.