New QUNDIS heat meter with integrated communication function enables low-cost and fast integration with M-Bus systems

QUNDIS is now offering two new versions of its tried-and-tested Q heat 5 screw-type heat meter. From April 2016 the devices will be available with an integrated M-Bus/Impuls-IN communication interface or optionally only with M-Bus connectivity. This means that the heat meters can be integrated into an existing M-Bus network without the additional purchase of an add-on module.

Up to two water meters with impulse output can be connected via the M-Bus/Impuls-IN interface of the heat meter. This significantly reduces installation work and the cost of integration with an M-Bus network. Two keys on the device enable the heat meter to be parameterised. Alternatively the Q suite heat software can be used for this purpose. The new display loop enables current consumption, the scheduled metering day and the metering value to be recorded at the push of a button.

Thanks to their compact design the Q heat 5 M-Bus/Impuls-IN heat meters are suitable for virtually any installation situation, e.g. including underfloor heating systems or radiator installations. The M-Bus and the Impuls-IN cable are not fixed to the device but are attached after the heat meter has been installed. This simplifies installation where space is limited. Applying the seals which are also supplied provides protection against tampering.

The benefits at a glance:

  • recording the consumption data of heating, cooling, solar and water heating systems
  • fitted with an integrated M-Bus/Impuls-IN communication interface or optionally only with M-Bus for the simple and low-cost integration of up to 2 water meters in a standardised M-Bus system
  • suitable for almost any installation situation thanks to its low fitting height (68 mm)
  • parameterisation directly on the device or via the Q suite heat software programme
  • new display loop integrated for manual readouts
  • data can be read out in real time every 15 minutes via the M-Bus system (OMS compliant)

You will find more information about the QUNDIS heat meters shortly at